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The role of complementary and alternative medicine for psychiatric disorders

Valerie U. Oji,

Director,Innovative Pharmaceuticals & Consulting (iPAC),

3880 Greenhouse Rd,

Ste 402 Houston, Texes77084

Volume No : Volume: 02 Issue : 9 Year : 2014 Page No: 403-408

Authors : Giang Phu Dinh, Mousa Abkhezr, Valerie U. Oji, Patricia B. Noumedem

Abstract :

Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) has been used for a wide variety of disease states including psychiatric disorders. Herbal and nutritional supplements play an important role in CAM therapy and therefore their efficacy and safety should be explored, especially in psychiatric disorders. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not regulate herbals and supplements and therefore caution must be used before making a decision. A careful overview of products with good scientific evidence will enable clinicians and patients to make a more informative decision. Even though herbals and nutritional supplements are usually safe, some may interact with a patient’s current medication(s) and produce unwanted adverse event(s) that could potentially be fatal. It is not only important to determine if an herbal or supplement is effect ive, but also consider their possible interactions, overall safety and toxicity and other drawbacks.

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