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Effectiveness of planned health education programme on knowledge related to complementary feeding among mothers

Volume No : Volume: 02 Issue : 8 Year : 2014 Page No: 395-402

Authors : Aparna B. Kale and Manisha S. Kulkarni

Abstract :

Complementary feeding is very old and invaluable process. Even all religion books give information on it. According to WHO, UNICEF and BPNI, exclusive breastfeeding is compulsory for an infant up to the age of six months and then initiation of complementary feeding is a must. Complementary feeding is ‘master key’ for the healthy growth and development of the infant. The objectives of the study were to assess existing knowledge on complementary feeding among the mothers of infants 2) To assess the effectiveness of planned health teaching programme on complementary feeding. Material and Methods: quasi experimental one group pre-test and post-test design was used. The sample for the study was n= mothers whose infants are below 5 yrs of age selected by using Random sampling technique sampling method: Mothers of infants whose children’s are under 5 yrs of age were selected as per criteria and the informed consent was taken from mothers, demographical data was collected and recorded then pre-intervention knowledge was checked through structure questionnaire and recorded in Intervention phase Planned health teaching was given on complimentary feeding as an intervention and in Post intervention phase Assessment of post test knowledge was done through structure questionnaire on 7th day after pre test, to assess the post test result and the Data was analysed using paired ‘t’ test that mean score of knowledge of mothers before intervention was 20.72 among the 60 samples and standard Deviation was 4.551,where standard error was 588 and mean score of mothers after planned health teaching is 31.52 and standard Deviation was 2.095, where standard error was. 270 and this mean difference has seen highly significant than calculated ‘t’ value (16.47) is greater than the table value (2.662) at 59 degrees of freedom at 1 % level of significance, so the investigator concluded that there is significant increase in the knowledge after administration of planned health teaching.

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