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A study to assess the effectiveness of breast milk application on umbilical cord stump among newborns of mother’s undergone caesarean section in tertiary   care maternity hospitals of Sangli, miraj, kupwad corporation area

Volume No : Volume: 02 Issue : 8 Year : 2014 Page No: 386-394

Authors : Archana R. Dhanawade

Abstract :

Umbilical cord infections contribute to the increased Morbidity and mortality in newborns of developing countries, where infants are exposed to unhygienic practices. The world health organization (WHO) estimates that 4 million children die each year during the neonatal period, with most of deaths occurring in developing countries. The objective of the study were to assess the existing condition of umbilical cord stump to assess the effect of breast milk application on umbilical cord stump. Material and method: Quasi experimental two group pre test and post test design was used. The sample for the study was n=90normal babies born to mother undergone cesarean section by using non probability purposive sampling method. In pre test observation of the cord for normality is checked for experimental and control group. In intervention phase breast milk is applied to the umbilicus of babies from experimental group, two times a day and observation is done once in the morning till the cord falls off. Through observation scale the data was analyzed using paired “t” test. The totals mean score of breast milk application group after intervention was 5.22 and in control group. (mean 9.36. The research hypotheses (H1) were accepted as breast milk application is highly effective in the early separation of cord stump.

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