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Knowledge and Attitude Regarding prevention of Road Traffic Accidents among Adolescents

Volume No : Volume: 02 Issue : 5 Year : 2014 Page No: 328-339

Authors : Jayavel M, Lizy Merlin Lisha

Abstract :

stands as 6th Rank of leading causes of death in children and adolescent. The objective of the study were assess to the effectiveness of structured teaching programme on prevention of ‘Road Traffic Accidents’ among adolescents (13-17 years).Materials and Methods: quasi experimental one group pre and post-test design was used. The Sample for study was n=150 adolescent are students studying in VIII TO XI standard selected by using simple random sampling technique. The pre-test was introduced to assess the knowledge among the group of samples in view with pretest result STP was formulated and introduced to the samples after that the post-test was conducted and the result were evaluated through structured questionnaire and attitude scale. The data was analyzed using Wilcoxon signed rank test.Results:The average pretest knowledge and attitude score among adolescent’s students found to be 34.753, 17.540 respectively. After the STP; the mean posttest knowledge and attitude score was 49.033, 25.520 respectively. Thus the difference in level of the knowledge and attitude was confirmed by the obtained Wilcoxon signed rank test value (5.767), (6.158) respectively. This was statistically significant (P<0.001). Conclusion:The study concluded that the structured teaching program was effective in improving knowledge and attitude of adolescents on prevention of road traffic accidents.

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