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PTC is important for the betterment of the hospital pharmacy

Volume No : Volume: 02 Issue : 5 Year : 2014 Page No: 307-3011

Authors : Wajiha Gul

Abstract :

Survey based study was carried out including 43 hospitals (large, medium-sized and small) of the city. A questionnaire was send to all the hospitals, only 53.5% of the hospitals responded. After analyzing the received data it can be concluded that 65% of the hospitals in Karachi have P & T committee out of which only few are working in a well defined manner while others are merely meant for approving the drugs for the pharmacy and any other functions are not performed, while in the remaining hospitals either there is no such committee as P&T but if there is such committee, then its major task is not fulfilled. Hence it can be concluded that the hospitals in Karachi lacks the pharmacy and therapeutic committee. Most of the large and few medium sized hospitals have such recommending body and therefore it helps the institution in selecting cost-effective and safe medicines and also in improving the implementation and evaluation strategies concerned with the use of medicine.

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