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Revisiting Neuroscience with Nanomedicine, a Renaissance in Remedy

Volume No : Volume: 01 Issue : 4 Year : 2013 Page No: 1-60

Authors : Kiran K. Akula

Abstract :

Central nervous system disorders including epilepsy, spinal cord injury, schizophrenia, Parkinson‟s and Alzheimer‟s disease, and other more potent gliomas lead to severe and fatal difficulties in day today lives. The existing therapies aim to improve the functional capacity of the patient for as long as possible; however, they do not modify the progression of the underlying neuropathological process. The need for newer and more effective targeting is consequently receiving a great deal of attention in order to overcome poor efficacy and safety issues associated with investigational agents in clinical trials. Due to comprehensive conclusion of the disease etiologies and suitable modification of the pathological process by nanoplatforms, yesterday‟s uncurable ailments are going to turn curable tomorrow. Recent advances in nanotechnology have improved the ability to specifically tailor the features and properties of nanoparticles and nanodevises for biomedical applications, especially in reaching those targets, remote to the existing remedial technologies. Nanomedicine is a budding area of research that includes the application of these nanotechnological aspects to medicine. This “little big” science usually encompass miniaturization of devices; imaging techniques, drug delivery systems, nano-sized materials, and other novel bio-analytical tools that could aid in better understanding of disease pathophysiology and mitigation neuronal abnormalities. This review provides an overview of the most recent research and applications of new nanotechniques and/or nanomaterials that are envisaged to have a major impact on the diagnosis and therapy of various neuronal disorders. Moreover, it also addresses the future prospects of nanomedicine in neuropharmacology, and project possible challenges for the nano- and neuro-scientists for effective use of nanomaterials to culminate in their safe use.

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