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Creatine kinase and C-reactive protein-additional diagnostic markers for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)?

Volume No : Volume: 01 Issue : 4 Year : 2013 Page No: 260-264

Authors : Helmut Niederhofer

Abstract :

Aim: CK and CRP are unspecific markers, elevated in a variety of diseases including various psychiatric disorders. To date, there is no systematic research about CK and CRP levels and ADHD, also related to ADHD specific medications. Methods: We checked in a placebo controlled manner serum CK and CRP levels of unmedicated ADHD patients and compared them to those of ADHD patients medicated with Methylphenidate and Atomoxetine. Results: Our results suggest that the CK level is elevated (1,9umol/sl, p=0.017) and that the CRP level is lower (1.0umol/sl, p=0.018) in ADHD patients, compared to healthy, i.e. non-ADHD contrasts and that this elevation is modified by Atomoxetine (CK: 1.7umol/sl; CRP: 2.1umol/sl) and Methylphenidate (CK: 2.8umol/sl; CRP: 0.7umol/sl). Conclusions: We conclude that CK and CRP levels should be checked in ADHD patients especially if they are medicated with methylphenidate or atomoxetine.

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