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Formulation and development of orodispersible tablets of lornoxicam by using resinate inclusion complexes

Volume No : (2017) Volume: 05 Issue : 26 Year : 2017 Page No: 103-111

Authors : Tanvir J. Shaikh, Umesh T. Jadhao, Swapnil B. Deshmukh, Hemant V. Deore

Abstract :

Lornoxicam is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug and it belongs to the class of oxicam. It is used for potent inhibitor of both COX-1 and COX-2. But it is a very bitter drug and insoluble in water. Aim: To mask the taste and to formulate into or dispersible tablet by complexation with ion exchange resins. Since, these tablets can be swallowed in the form of dispersion; they form a suitable dosage form for pediatric and geriatric patients. Method: A cation exchange resin like Kyron T- 134 was utilized for the complexation with drug. Drug-resinates was prepared in drug to resin ratio of 1:3.75. The prepared tablets were evaluated for general appearance, content uniformity, hardness, friability, taste evaluation, mouth feel, wetting time, disintegration time, and in-vitro dissolution studies. Result: Tablets with these resins have shown quick disintegrating features, i.e., within 20 seconds, which is very characteristic of orodispersible tablets. The dispersion not showing any bitter taste, indicate the capability of ion exchange resins used, both as taste masking and super disintegrating agents. Almost more than 90% of drug was released from both the formulations with in 1 hour. Further formulations were subjected to stability testing for three month at temperature at 40°C/ 75% RH.

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