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Prevalence of eating disorder in working and non working individual

Volume No : (2015) Volume: 03 Issue : 20 Year : 2015 Page No: 710-715

Authors : Amber Nawab Misbah Ansari Mizna Iqbal Javeria Sheikh Nousheen Shoukat

Abstract :

Background: The inspection based curriculum has been selected to feature the prevalence of eating disorder in working and nonworking individuals. Objective: The basic characteristics of a living being includes growth, movement, reproduction etc which couldn’t be done without energy which could be attain through eating a healthiest food so here the spotlight of our survey based article is on ‘eating’ behavior, disorder and prevalence. The root cause of any ailment for instance related to cardiac problems, neuropathies, nephropathies and so on is fundamentally initiates with the abnormal eating pattern. Therefore prevalence of eating disorder in working and non working individual has been picked to correct the base line cause of ailments. Methodology: A questionnaire was schemed and filled by man and women of different age groups, belongs to different communities and of peculiar professions, regarding their eating pattern, to evaluate about how much population is aware of their normal or abnormal eating behavior, on that data statistical calculation was applied to evaluate the results and to archive the conclusion. Result: The result gives little disappointment because the respected individuals were unaware of the term eating disorder and its prevalence. Conclusion: There are two types of people one who live to eat and second who eat to live the later class is on right pathway but there is a need arise to informed them that what they consume during dining is appropriate, balanced and how much to eat so their energy reserve could accomplish.

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