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Metal nanoparticles: Synthesis, characterization, toxicity and regulatory aspects

Volume No : (2015) Volume: 03 Issue : 20 Year : 2015 Page No: 692-709

Authors : Manavi Kapur, Kriti Soni, Bhavleen Kaur Kukereja and Kanchan Kohli

Abstract :

Metal nanoparticles have emerged as a prospective mode of drug delivery. They can be used to delivery various classes of drugs into the systemic circulation. Moreover, it can also be used in targeting cytotoxic drugs to cancer sites which is a great advantage. The present article details about methods of synthesis of various types of metal nanoparticles and their methods of characterizations. It also brings to light about the causes and implications of toxic effects posed by these nanoparticles. Toxicity of these metal nanoparticles has become an issue of growing concern which is a global threat. The article summarizes these toxicity issues governing various types of nanoparticles and their regulatory basis. The toxicity and regulatory issues are some hurdles which need to be addressed in order to make these nanoparticles a widely complaint mode of drug delivery.

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