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Mycobacterium tuberculosis has affinity of frequent mutation in the codon sequence 530-533 of mutation type serine 531 leucine

Volume No : (2015) Volume: 03 Issue : 17 Year : 2015 Page No: 683-687

Authors : Arijit Chatterjee

Abstract :

As long as MDR-TB verified, use of inadequate and hence ineffective antibiotics may lead to further spread of resistant bacteria and amplification of resistance. Therefore, rapid diagnosis and identification of MDR-TB is a prerequisite for appropriate treatment. A total number of 400 sputum samples were processed by NALC - NaOH method. The sediment was used for preparation of smear, liquid culture and extraction of nucleic acid. Nucleic acid amplification and reverse hybridization were then performed according to guidelines of the manufacturer. The lack of hybridization on one or more of wild-type probes with or without hybridization on the mutation probes indicates presence of mutation. This study showed 105 (26.25%) RMP resistant isolates out of 400 samples. The codon 531 was affected in 82 (78.09%) isolates out of 105 RMP resistant isolates. Other mutations occurred 20 (19.04%) in MUT 1, 2 (1.9%) in MUT 2A and 1 (0.9%) in MUT 2B probes respectively. The most frequent type of mutation responsible for rifampicin resistance is Ser-531-Leu mutation of MUT 3 probe. In this study, it was observed that MTB has the affinity of mutation in the codon sequence 530-533 of mutation type Serine-531-Leucine for ‘Rif’ resistance which may be an important work to develop newer antibiotics for treating MDR-TB patients.

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