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Microwave assisted novel synthesis and biological evaluation of 1-(Substituted phenyl)-2-phenyl-4-(Substituted benzylidene)-imidazole-5-ones

Volume No : (2015) Volume: 03 Issue : 17 Year : 2015 Page No: 664-672

Authors : Bhawna Chopra, Ashwani Kumar Dhingra, Ram Parkash Kapoor Deo Nandan Parsad

Abstract :

A series of 5-substituted imidazolones 1-20 analogs were prepared by the condensation of different substituted 5-oxazolone analogs with various aromatic amines by using microwave irradiations. The structures of all the newly synthesized compounds were elucidated by using IR and 1H-NMR. All the synthesized compounds were evaluated against six bacterial strains i.e. M. luteus MTCC 2470, S. aureus MTCC 96, B. subtilus MTCC 121, P. aeruginosa MTCC 2453, K. planticola MTCC 530, E. coli MTCC 739 and one fungal strain C. albicans MTCC 3017. Ampicillin and amphoterecin B was used as standard drug for antibacterial and antifungal activity, respectively. Out of all, compound 7 and 10 were found to possess broad spectrum antibacterial activity. Compound 13 exhibit significant antibacterial activity against Gram-negative bacteria where as 5, 14 and 18 shows good to moderate antibacterial activities against Gram-positive bacteria.

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