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Identification and Assay of Putative Virulence Properties of Escherichia coli gyrase Subunit A and B among Hospitalized UTI Patients in Bangladesh

Volume No : Volume: 01 Issue : 1 Year : 2013 Page No: 54-59

Authors : Md. Javed Foysal, Md. Mahbubur Rahman, Muhammad Fazle Rabbee, Md. Nazmul Hossain, Raihan Mahmud, Md. Julhasur Rahman, Md. Faruque Miah, Kamrul Islam

Abstract :

The effect of virulence genes are both multi-functional and multi-factorial and thus create all major components in the pathogenicity and virulence properties of any isolate. In this study, the gyrA and gyrB gene encoding gyrase specific gene primer allows precise detection of DNA gyrase subunit A and B2 (gyrA and gyrB) of Escherichia coli by polymerase chain reaction (PCR). All isolates of E. coli were collected from patients suffering from urinary tract infection (UTI). A total of 10 isolates viz., EcoU1, EcoU2, EcoU3, EcoU4, EcoU5, EcoU6, EcoU7, EcoU8, EcoU9, EcoU10 were used in present study in which gyrA gene was amplified in 7 isolates (viz., EcoU2, EcoU4, EcoU5, EcoU6, EcoU8, EcoU9, EcoU10) with expected PCR product of 441bp and gyrB gene was amplified in all 10 tested isolates and gave the expected 1130bp PCR product after visualization under gel documentation system. At the same time 10 samples were examined in-vitro for their putative virulence characteristics viz. proteolytic, lipolytic and hemolytic activity. High hemolytic activity was observed for isolates containing both gyrA and gyrB gene with significant P value of <0.05. Moderate proteolytic and lipolytic activity was observed for isolates containing either gyrA or gyrB gene with less significant P value of <0.004 to <0.002 respectively.

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