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Obesity management therapies

Volume No : (2015) Volume: 03 Issue : 16 Year : 2015 Page No: 626-634

Authors : Amisha Vyas and Saurabh Dahiya

Abstract :

Obesity is prominently referred as a lifestyle disease that exhibits itself as one of the major health threat of this day. 65% of the world's population lives in developed countries where overweight and obesity kills more people than malnourished and underweight. These extra kilos add stress to every part of the body and create many risks to health. This review is about various therapies that are available to deal with the problem of obesity from physical therapies to pharmacotherapies and from bariatric surgeries to herbal therapies. A weight-loss drug formulation is the one that is compatible with the profile of individual obese patients in terms of efficacy, safety and durability. Such drugs can be very effective in inducing weight loss. The history of successful dietary supplements in terms of efficacy is many and so the numbers of success stories matched the number of tragic records in terms of safety. A perusl of these supplements revel that most of the supplements are phytoconsituents like Commiphora mukul, Garcinia cambogia, Capsicum annuum, Camellia sinesis, Gymnema slyvestre, Glycyrrhiza glabra and Nelumbonucifera are used. They act in reducing the fat cells through varying mechanisms such as increasing lipid oxidation, inhibiting glucose absorption from intestine or inhibiting adipogenesis. The author thus concludes that the current trend is to use a combination of herbal with modern formulations for wondrous effects to address obesity.

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