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Current trend in wound infections: Microbial profiling and techniques

Volume No : (2015) Volume: 03 Issue : 16 Year : 2015 Page No: 616-625

Authors : Ravichandran B, Thyagarajan Ravinder, Radhika Katrakadda, K. V. Leela

Abstract :

Wound occurs on destruction of the first line of defense, the skin; and thus disturbs the normal microflora of the body. This, in addition to the exposure of an optimal environment for both the normal flora and the pathogens to colonise, establish and infect results in wound infections. Depending on the type of wound, location of the wound, microbial load, microbial diversity and the patient history wound infections are categorised as surgical wound infections, acute soft tissue infections, cellulitis, chronic wounds and diabetic foot ulcer infections. Wound microbial profiling for understanding the role of microbes in wound infections will require detailed microbiological studies unlike the screening of prime etiological agents for scrutinizing the antibiotic regime for treatment. Despite the duration required for microbiological reports will take more than two days, the need for such tests are mandatory with the advent of resistant strains like ESBL Enterobacteriaceae that requires screening for effective antibiotics. The development of rapid microbiological techniques will thus aid in reducing the prevalence of wound infections.

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