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Awareness survey for antidiabetic drug adverse reaction in community pharmacists (Amravati)

Volume No : (2022) Volume: 10 Issue : 48 Year : 2022 Page No: 64

Authors : Sagar N. Ande, Aishwary D. Kale, Nilesh D. Deshmukh, Ravindra L. Bakal

Abstract :

Introduction: Adverse drug reaction (ADR) data from other countries may neglect care trends in local populations; hence, active national pharmacovigilance initiatives are required. Any surveillance system’s effectiveness depends on reporters’ engaged involvement. This initiative attempts to define pharmacist reporting of possible ADRs in diabetic medications. This survey was created after a thorough examination of the pertinent published studies in the literature. The questions included a wide range of topics, such as ideas for process improvements, pharmacist knowledge of and experience with reporting suspected ADRs, attitudes about health professionals’ involvement in pharmacovigilance, and perceived obstacles and facilitators to reporting. Aim: This project aims to describe pharmacists reporting adverse drug reactions to anti-diabetic drugs. Objectives: The aim of the study was to assess knowledge of pharmacist in identifying, reporting, manage ADR and to know obstacles in reporting ADR, and attitude of pharmacist toward reporting ADR. Conclusion: The pharmacists need to upgrade knowledge and should be aware about all the aspects of ADR.

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