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A comprehensive review on promisable herbal drugs for mitigationof polycystic ovarian syndrome

Volume No : (2022) Volume: 10 Issue : 46 Year : 2022 Page No: 35

Authors : Sagar N. Ande , Komal N. Pavitrakar , Ravindra L. Bakal , Nitin I. Kochar

Abstract :

Polycysticovarian syndrome (PCOS) is a gynecological endocrine, metabolic, and geneticcondition that affects about one in five women of reproductive age. Polycysticovaries, chronic an ovulation, and hyperandrogenism are all characteristics ofthis condition. Signs and symptoms of PCOS include monthly irregularity,painful menses, infertility, frequent miscarriage, acne, and hirsutism. It canalso cause insulin resistance, obesity, and cardiovascular diseases. Thissignals the need for a multidisciplinary approach to treat PCOS. Traditionalmedicine, western medicine, drugs, surgery, and radiation treatment focus on aspecific symptom and are frequently accompanied with risk and side effectincluding harmful interaction, allergic reaction, and unexpected effects aswell as being inappropriate and inefficient in other cases. Complementary oralternative medicine such as herbal formulations containing herbal extracts ofAshwagandha, Shatavari, Nirgundi, Lodhra, Black cohosh, Ashoka, have beenhighly regarded natural sources with low side effect and additional benefits ofreducing hyperandrogenism, insulin resistance, ovary weight, as well ascontributing in hypoglycemic and anti-obesity effects. These plants havemultiple chemical constituents with known or unknown mechanism of action, butthey show significant effects on the PCOS. Many marketed formulations havethese constituents in single or in combination with others. All theseformulations have shown positive feedback from the patients of PCOS. Theseplant-based herbal formulations can be effective in this syndrome affectingserum levels of different hormones and ovarian morphology representing anopportunity to investigate and discover new bioactive products. Some of themost effective herbs and their formulations that play a critical role in thetreatment of PCOS are summarized in this article.

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