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Microemulsion-based gels: A betterment in topical drug deliverysystem

Volume No : (2022) Volume: 10 Issue : 46 Year : 2022 Page No: 14

Authors : Prerna A. Patinge, Sagar N. Ande, Ravindra L. Bakal, Kajal D. Chaudhari

Abstract :

Micro emulsions (MEs) are clear,thermodynamically stable, and optically isotropic systems. It is formed bymixing oil, water, surfactant either alone, or combination with cosurfactant,it overcomes limitation of traditional topical formulations to improve topicaldrug availability, it is also able to increase work of moisturizing agentdeeply into the skin. MEs are a drug delivery technology that has emerged as auseful technique for creating safe formulations for insoluble substances whilealso improving their biopharmaceutical characteristics and pharmacokinetics.This study will explain the current status of microemulsion systems, includingan overview of their origins and how they may be correctly generated andextensively characterized using various methods. The examination of stabilityand toxicity is addressed. A contemporary viewpoint on microemulsion systemsfinishes the review. Due to their simplicity of manufacture, permeabilityenhancing activity of its components, and a high solubilizing capacity fordiverse pharmaceuticals, MEs have gotten a lot of interest for manyapplications including cutaneous and transdermal drug administration. Variouspolymers are now utilized as gelling agents, which serve to minimize theinterfacial tension between the oil and aqueous phases of the microemulsionwhile simultaneously enhancing the viscosity. Transdermal medication deliveryprovides a number of therapeutic applications on other drug delivery methods. Numerousphysical and chemical approaches to circumvent the inherent limited skinpermeability have been developed to open the transdermal route for a larger spectrumof medicines, including macromolecules. In this review, various evaluationparameters of MEs are discussed.

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