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Potential therapeutic role of Coroprotect kit® in the management of Covid 19 patients: A case report

Volume No : (2022) Volume: 10 Issue : 45 Year : 2022 Page No: 1-3

Authors : Shridhar Pandya, Chetan Savaliya, Kamlesh Thummar

Abstract :

Aim: There is no proven therapy against COVID-19 due to the unavailability of sufficient evidence. There is a common household practice in India to use medicinal plants against diseases. Ministry of AYUSH, Govt. of India had approved 20 medicinal plants which can be useful for COVID-19 care. We have developed an ayurvedic GP/AYU/2021/001 Kit containing COROPROTECT Tablet 1000 mg and COROPROTECT Dry Syrup 25 g for the treatment of patients with mild to moderate SARS-CoV-2 Infection. In this study, we evaluated with the COROPROTECT kit could be useful to COVID-19 management.

Patients and Methods: This study included 200 COVID-19 RT-PCR positive patients with mild to moderate symptoms. Dosage of COROPROTECT Tablet included two tablets twice a day (12 h apart) for 10 days and COROPROTECT Dry Syrup included 10 ml syrup thrice a day (8 h apart) for 10 days. Recovery was defined as a negative report of COVID-19 based on RT-PCR.

Results: Mean age of the patients was 41.05 ± 13.49 years ranging from 8 years to 70 years. Eighty percent of the patients were males. Twenty-seven patients were hospitalized. The most common symptom was fever (n = 195). Meantime to recovery (normalization of COVID report) was 5.24 ± 1.28 days ranging from 3 days to 9 days. We found a significant decrease in body temperature from baseline to day-3 after treatment with a Coroprotective kit (P < 0.05).

Conclusion: Although earlier to say, COROPROTECT kit® could be effectively use against mild to moderate COVID-19 infection.

Keywords: COROPROTECT kit®, COVID-19, herbal plants

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