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A study on pain assessment and management in post-operative patients

Volume No : (2021) Volume: 09 Issue : 44 Year : 2021 Page No: 66-68

Authors : Sudireddy Rajini*, B. S. Venkateswarlu, R. Marget Chandira, V. Muruganantham

Abstract :


Introduction: Painis subjective in nature. It can express different manners by the patient (or)Individuals. The role of diagnostic pain procedures is considered veryimportant. It can be classified into acute pain (i.e.; short-lived pain)andchronic pain (i.e.; pain that lasts for months). It shows the effect on thesocio-economic status of the patients. Poor pain management is likely topersist until pain management practices became consistent with guidelinesdeveloped from the best available scientific evidence. Aim: The main aimof the present study was to find out the pain assessment importance during painmanagement. Materials and Methods: This study was a prospectiveobservational multi-center study. Results: The study was conducted fromJuly 2021 to December 2021 in various hospitals in and around the Gunturdistrict. A total of 563 patients participated in the current study out of 290were males and the remaining were females. At the 4-h visual analog scale (VAS)evaluated that, moderate pain was found to be 39.25% of the total populationand severe pain as 19.89%. The study results were monitored and continued for24 h. Only 5.5% of patients were consumed strong opioids during the first 24 has postoperative analgesics. Conclusion: Pain assessment plays a majorrole in the management of chronic and acute pain. If the assessment was done wecan improve the pharmaceutical care and improved socio-economic status of thepatients.

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