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Profile of imaging patterns in patients with alcoholic liver disease in Rural Maharashtra

Volume No : (2021) Volume: 09 Issue : 44 Year : 2021 Page No: 62-65

Authors : Vedant Rajendraprasad Awasthi, Janhavi Jaywant Deshpande, Jaywant Vasantrao Deshpande

Abstract :

Background: Thespectrum of alcohol-related liver injury varies from simple steatosis tocirrhosis. These are often grouped into three histological stages of alcoholicliver disease (ALD): Fatty liver or simple steatosis, alcoholic hepatitis, andcirrhosis of liver. Ultrasound (USG) scanning is accepted as the first lineimaging investigation in patients with suspected liver disorders.

Aim: Thestudy was conducted to assess imaging patterns by USG abdomen of ALD.
Patientsand Methods: In this prospective hospitalbased cross sectional study patientsadmitted with alcohol-related liver injury included. Assessment of clinicalpresentations with hematological, biochemical parameters, and evaluation ofimaging patterns by ultrasonography of Abdo-pelvis was done in all patients.Upper gastro-duodenal endoscopy performed in 40% of patients. Ascitic fluidanalysis was in done 68% patients with ascites. 

Results: Cirrhosis was the commonfinding in this study in 65% of the patients. Among those cirrhosis with portalhypertension was seen in 56% and cirrhosis without portal hypertension was seenonly in 9%. Hepatomegaly was seen in 13% of patients and 22% patients had fattyliver.
Conclusion: Cirrhosis of liver with portal hypertension was commonestimaging pattern in seen in middle aged men with very high quantity and morethan two decades of alcohol consumption; next common imaging pattern was fattyliver,which was seen in those with moderately high quantity and around morethan one decade duration of alcohol consumption. The severity of liver damagewas directly related to the quantity and duration of alcohol consumption.

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