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Effectiveness of modamrut herbal nutritional granules in growth and development of children

Volume No : (2021) Volume: 09 Issue : 44 Year : 2021 Page No: 59-61

Authors : Sameer Jamadagni, Sagar Kaware, Satyajit Ekande, Ajinkya Kondekar

Abstract :

Aim: The currentresearch was conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of modamrut herbal nutritionalgranules in growth and development of children. Methods: In the currentclinical trial study, 73 children were involved, but only 46 of them completedit. The children who were chosen for the trial were between the ages of 1 and5. The children were chosen based on their nutritional status: Moderate acutemalnutrition, severe acute malnutrition, and severely underweight. The childrenwere divided into four groups, with each group receiving a different dosage.Group A consists of youngsters aged 1–3 years to whom we administered 500 mgmodamrut powder twice daily. Group B is made of youngsters aged 3–5 years oldwho were administered 800 mg modamrut powder twice a day. Group C is composedof children age 1–3 years old who were given 1.66 g modamrut powder twice aday. Group D is made up of youngsters aged 3–5 years old who were given 2.5 gmodamrut powder twice a day. The height and weight of the children wereassessed at the end of the study. Adverse events were also analyzed at the endof the study.
Results: Modamrut herbal nutritional granules enhanced thechildren’s height and weight greatly. There was a higher percentage of childrenwho improved in height and weight. Overall, when modamrut herbal nutritionalgranules are included in a treatment protocol for children’s growth anddevelopment, the children’s growth is observed. It was observed that after 1year of using modamrut herbal nutritious granules, all 46 children’s weight andheight had improved. The average weight gain in all 46 children was 1.41 kg.All 46 children improved by an average of 6.62 cm in height, and no adverseevents were observed during the study.
Conclusion: This study will definitelyopen the way for future research into incorporating herbal therapies into children’sgrowth and development.

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