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Efficacy of natural products as antiobesity agents: An insight into their therapeutic targets

Volume No : (2020) Volume: 08 Issue : 40 Year : 2020 Page No: 114-120

Authors : Puneet Mankoo, Goyal Pradeep, Bhatia Gursimran, Gupta Monika

Abstract :

Obesity has become a serious health problem. This complex condition has reached widespread proportions in large parts of the world, and it constitutes a threat for several chronic disorders, such as hypertension, heart disorders, and Type-2 diabetes. Curative approach comprises synthetic drugs and surgery, which may involve high costs and serious side effects. Plant-based medicinal agents offer an alternate approach. This paper thus attempt to enhance the knowledge of the anti-obesity effects of natural products, provide effective therapeutic strategies, and attract the reader’s interest in developing novel and safe antiobesity drugs.

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