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Enhancement of solubility and dissolution rate of fenofibrate using β-Cyclodextrin

Volume No : (2020) Volume: 08 Issue : 39 Year : 2020 Page No: 97-104

Authors : Biradar Mahesh M, Shinde Shrikrushna A, Tolsarwad Ganesh S

Abstract :

Aim: The aim of the present research work, fenofibrate a BCS class II antihyperlipidemic drug belongs to fibrate class was formulated as solid dispersions using various hydrophilic carriers to enhance the solubility, dissolution rate, and oral bioavailability.

Methodology: Various techniques such as physical method, kneading technique, solvent evaporation method, and fusion method were used to prepare solid dispersions of fenofibrate. Solid-state characterization of solid dispersions is done by differential scanning calorimetry and Fourier-transform infrared spectrometry. The solid dispersions can be evaluated by in-vitro dissolution studies. The solid oral dosage form (Tablets) with fenofibrate solid dispersions was prepared by direct compression method. Different evaluation parameters were performed, which include hardness, friability, weight variation, and disintegration dissolution, % drug

content in the solid dispersions, and the fabricated formulations.

Results and Conclusion: The pre-compression and post-compression parameters were studied and the results were given. All the results were in the acceptable limit. The rate of dissolution was excellently increased that tablets which were formulated from solid dispersions with disintegrating agents and excipients. Moreover, formulations showed their highest release (99.26%) for the tablets formed by solid dispersion 1:1.5 (fenofibrate:HP β-Cyclodextrin) with Ludiflash (15 mg) disintegrating agent.

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