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Self-micro emulsifying drug delivery system of acyclovir for solubility enhancement: An updated review

Volume No : (2020) Volume: 08 Issue : 39 Year : 2020 Page No: 74-82

Authors : Biradar Mahesh M, Shinde Shrikrushna A, Tolsarwad Ganesh S

Abstract :

Solubility of orally administered drug is a major challenge of pharmaceutical industry as nearly 35–40% of newly launched drugs possess low aqueous solubility which leads to their poor dissolution and low bioavailability, resulting in high intra and intersubject variability and lack of dose proportionality. This can be increased by different methods such as salt formation, solid dispersion, and complex formation. Self-emulsifying drug delivery system (SEDDS) is gaining popularity for improving the solubility of lipophilic drugs. SEDDS is defined as isotropic mixtures of one or more hydrophilic solvents and cosolvents/surfactants that have a unique ability of forming fine oil-in-water microemulsions upon mild agitation followed by dilution in aqueous media, such as gastrointestinal fluids. The present review provides an updated account of advancements in SEDDS with regard to its composition, evaluation, different dosage forms, and newer techniques to convert liquid SEDDS to solid and also various applications.

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