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An updated era on nanoparticle sustained release matrix tablets of NSAID using wet granulation technique

Volume No : (2020) Volume: 08 Issue : 39 Year : 2020 Page No: 59-65

Authors : Shrikrushna Ashokrao Shinde, Puja Shrimant Kadam1, Mahesh Manohar Biradar, Ganesh Suresh Tolsarwad

Abstract :

Oral administration is the most convenient route among various routes of drug delivery as it offers high patient compliance. However, the poor aqueous solubility and poor enzymatic/metabolic stability of drugs are major limitations in successful oral drug delivery. There are several approaches to improve problems related to hydrophobic drugs. Among various approaches, nanotechnologybased drug delivery system (DDS) has the potential to overcome the challenges associated with the oral route of administration. Novel DDSs are available in many areas of medicine. The application of these systems in the treatment of hypertension continues to broaden. The present review focuses on various nanocarriers available in oral drug administration for improving solubility profile, dissolution, and consequently, bioavailability of hydrophobic antihypertensive drugs.

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