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Ginkgo biloba extract potentiates Nootropics effects of piracetam against ethanol-induced dementia and brain damage

Volume No : (2019) Volume: 07 Issue : 33 Year : 2019 Page No: 15-19

Authors : Ande S, Bakal RL, Sawarkar HS, Ghormade JM, Vyas JV

Abstract :

Purpose: Alcohol-induced dementia is one of the common neurological problems associated with long-term alcohol drinking leads to structural and functional impairment of brain. There are several options investigated to enhance the memory and repair the degeneration. In this study, we used the approach of combining two memory enhancers such as piracetam and Ginkgo biloba extract (EGb) against alcohol-induced dementia in mice. Methods: We used two different types of animal model for the induction of dementia and brain damage. Dementia was induced by single i.p. injection of alcohol 12.6% whereas brain damage was induced by continuous drinking of 15% of ethanol. Pretreatment of piracetam and EGb both alone at a higher dose and in combination was administered to mice for 7 days. On the past day of treatment, alcohol was injected 30 min before the memory

testing. Memory was tested using elevated plus maze as well as plus-maze inhibitory avoidance discrimination task. Apart from this, brain acetylcholine esterase level was measured after necropsy. Furthermore, histopathological evaluation of brain was carried out for confirm structural changes. Results: Combination of piracetam and EGb at a lower dose has significantly improved memory in alcohol-induced dementia model in comparison with these agents administered individually at a higher dose. Furthermore, brain acetylcholine esterase level was significantly reduced in combination when compared with agents administered individually. All these results were also supported by histology of

brain tissue where lipofuscin pigment was notably reduced in combination. Conclusion: Based on the results obtained in the study it can be concluded that the combination of piracetam and EGb has potentiation of Nootropics effect when compared with individual agents. In future, these agents can be tested in combination in alcohol-induced dementia to obtain a better outcome.


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