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Promoiety: A versatile tool for improving drug acceptability

Volume No : (2019) Volume: 07 Issue : 33 Year : 2019 Page No: 1-6

Authors : Dhingra AK, Chopra B, Dass R

Abstract :

Prodrug is a well-known molecular modification strategy that aims to optimize the physicochemical and pharmacological properties of drugs to improve their undesirable pharmacokinetic properties and decrease their toxicity. In most of the cases, prodrugs design involves the introduction of carrier/ promoiety by a metabolic liable linkage so that after biotransformation by one or two chemical or enzymatic steps it will lead to the active parent drug. However, some prodrugs lack of an obvious promoiety (bioprecursor prodrug), but instead result from a molecular modification of the active principle itself, which generates the resulting active compound on metabolism. This review introduces in depth the rationale behind the use of the promoiety and also considers the possible problems that can arise from inadequate activation of prodrugs

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