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Formulation, development, and evaluation of tramadol Hcl  sustained-release dosage form

Volume No : (2018) Volume: 06 Issue : 31 Year : 2018 Page No: 42-45

Authors : Shabnam Thakur, Bhavya Khanna

Abstract :

Aim: The aim of the investigation was to develop a new formulation of tramadol HCl.

Material and  Method: Tramadol HCl is, centrally acting analgesic, by improving the prolong action of tramadol  HCl drug using hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, ethylcellulose as polymer provides a release of therapeutically active medicament over an extended period of time, for example, from about 12 to  24 h. Tablet formulation was prepared by wet granulation technique. The tablets were compressed  (8 mm diameter, standard concave punches) using a rotary tablet compression machine (4 station,  Rimek, Ahmedabad, India).

Result: The prepared tablets were evaluated for weight variation, hardness,  friability, drug content, in vitro dissolution, and stability studies. From the above evaluate parameters,  it was concluded that batch B-1 showed good results and was found having optimized concentration of polymers and other additives to prepare a sustained-release tablet of tramadol Hcl.

Conclusion: The developed new formulation of tramadol HCl sustained-release tablet is successful.

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